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by Joaquim Pinto


Joaquim Pinto has been living with HIV and VHC for almost twenty years. What now? is the notebook of a year of clinical studies with toxic, mind altering drugs as yet unapproved. An open and eclectic reflection on time and memory, on epidemics and globalization, on survival beyond all expectations, on dissent and absolute love. In a to-and-fro between the present and past memories, the film is also a tribute to friends departed and those who remain.

international title: What Now? Remind Me
original title: E agora? Lembra-me
country: Portugal
year: 2013
genre: documentary
directed by: Joaquim Pinto
film run: 164'
release date: FR 19/11/2014, ES 17/04/2015
screenplay: Joaquim Pinto
cast: Joaquim Pinto, Nuno Leonel
cinematography by: Nuno Leonel, Joaquim Pinto
film editing: Nuno Leonel, Joaquim Pinto
production: C.R.I.M. Productions, Presente edições de autor lda.
backing: ICA - Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual, RTP, Gulbenkian Foundation
distributor: Epicentre Films, Márgenes Distribución
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main awards/selection

Locarno International Film Festival 2013 Concorso internazionale
Queer Lisboa 2013 
Hamburg Film Festival 2013 
New York Film Festival 2013 
Torino Film Festival 2013 
Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2014 
Hong Kong International Film Festival 2014 
San Francisco International Film Festival 2014 

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