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by Katharina Mückstein


Fourteen-year-old Jasmin longs to be near her biological mother, Eva. Following her mother’s release from prison, an excursion into the country together becomes a first test for the fledgling mother-daughter relationship. They smoke, dance and stroll together – the mood is promising. But time and again, it is revealed that their needs and expectations are light years apart. For the moment, neither Eva nor Jasmin seem up to the task of fulfilling each other’s quest for identity and support.

international title: Talea
original title: Talea
country: Austria
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Katharina Mückstein
film run: 75'
screenplay: Selina Gnos, Katharina Mückstein
cast: Sophie Stockinger, Nina Proll, Philipp Hochmair, Rita Waszilovics, Eva-Maria Gintsberg
cinematography by: Michael Schindegger
film editing: Natalie Schwager
art director: Katharina Haring, Mira König, Simon Sramek
costumes designer: Monika Buttinger
music: Veronika Eberhart, Wolfgang Möstl, Alessandro Mannarino
producer: Flavio Marchetti
production: La Banda Film
backing: Vienna Film Commission, Innovative Film Austria, Kultur Niederösterreich, Österreichische Filminstitut
distributor: filmdelights distribution
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main awards/selection

Max Ophüls Festival 2013 
Sarajevo Film Festival 2013 
Zurich Film Festival 2013 
Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2013 
Cinedays Film Festival 2013 

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