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by Marko Santic


The story of 19-year old Luka, who is leaving the orphanage where he has spent his last 9 years after his mother and relatives abandoned him. His greatest wish is to visit the grave of his father, who died when he was still very young.

international title: Seduce Me
original title: Zapelji me
country: Slovenia
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Marko Santic
film run: 83'
screenplay: Marko Santic
cast: Janko Mandic, Nina Rakovec, Natasa Barbara Gracner, Peter Musevski, Dario Varga, Primoz Pirnat, Grega Zorc, Ljerka Belak
cinematography by: Marko Kocevar
film editing: Jurij Moskon
art director: Marco Juratovec
costumes designer: Marko Jenko
music: Davor Herceg
producer: Tanja Prinčič
production: RTV Slovenija, Nuframe

main awards/selection

Slovenian Film Festival 2013
Warsaw Film Festival 2013
GoEast Film Festival 2014

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