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by Nadine Khan


This is the story of lost love in a controversial setting. Manal, Zaki and Mounir are in there twenties, living in a confined community where basic needs are met yet chaos and disorder brew. The two boys are in love with the same girl who finds herself being the bet for a football match between them; the winner marries Manal. This story reflects a football and play-station youth and how they deal with their emotions in a community that is increasingly closed off and isolated.

international title: chaos Disorder
original title: Harag W' Marag
country: Egypt
sales agent: WIKA Production and distribution
year: 2012
genre: fiction
directed by: Nadine Khan
film run: 77'
screenplay: Nadine Khan, Mohamed Nasser
cast: Ayten Amer, Mohamed Farag, Ramsi Lehner, Sabry Abdel Monem, Hani El Metenawy
cinematography by: Abdelsalam Moussa
film editing: Dina Farouk
art director: Asem Ali
costumes designer: Marwa Abdel Samie
music: Hassan Khan
producer: Mohamed El Tohami, Dina Farouk, Racha Najdi
production: WIKA Production and distribution
backing: Global Film Initiative

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