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by Maja Borg


In the wake of yet another financial collapse, shouldn’t we look towards a drastically different social and economic model? One that would eradicate suffering, poverty and war rather than one that creates pain? Director Maja Borg, fresh with heartache after the loss of a first love, draws a parallel between the world’s economic system and human relationships with a dual narrative in this visionary documentary.

international title: Future My Love
original title: Future My Love
country: United Kingdom, Sweden
year: 2012
genre: documentary
directed by: Maja Borg
release date: GB 15/11/2013
cinematography by: Minttu Mantynen
film editing: Patricia Gomes, Colin Monie
music: Per Störby
producer: Sonja Henrici
co-producer: Lisbet Gabrielsson
production: Scottish Documentary Institute, Lisbet Gabrielsson Film AB
distributor: Independent Cinema Office

main awards/selection

Edinburgh International Film Festival 2012 
CPHDOX Festival 2012 
Göteborg International Film Festival 2013 
Tempo Documentary Festival 2013 
Planete+ Doc Film Festival 2013 
Frameline Film Festival 2013 
Reykjavik International Film Festival 2013 
Hamburg Film Festival 2013 

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