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by Maite Vitoria Daneris


Lina is seventy years old and has always been a farmer. Every morning, she leaves San Mauro, the “strawberry town,” and goes to Europe’s biggest open-air market, Porta Palazzo in Turin, where she sells her fruit, vegetables and strawberries. Lina doesn’t have any children but she does have five dogs and a husband, who wishes she would stop working, but his request is ignored. Until one day, at the market, she meets Hassan, a young Moroccan immigrant looking for a job.

international title: The Strawberry Place
original title: El lugar de las fresas
country: Italy, Spain
year: 2013
genre: documentary
directed by: Maite Vitoria Daneris
film run: 90'
screenplay: Maite Vitoria Daneris
cinematography by: Maite Vitoria Daneris
film editing: Renato Sanjuán
music: Andrea Gattico
producer: Maite Vitoria Daneris
production: Maite Vitoria Daneris Film
backing: Coldiretti, Assessorato al commercio della Città di Torino, Film Commission Torino Piemonte, Regione Piemonte (Piemonte Doc Film Fund)
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main awards/selection

Torino Film Festival 2013 

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