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by Jonathan Musset


In a world where english has long since become the universal language... Nattie is finally old enough to learn how to master the Voyage, a new communication technique used in a popular game of deception known as Wiphala. After beginning her training under the penetrating eye of the mysterious Master Dalle, Nattie soon realises that she is being watched and that a web of lies and deceit surround her. The only way out : jouer au Wiphala!

international title: Midnight Globe
original title: Midnight Globe
country: France
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Jonathan Musset
film run: 87'
release date: FR 04/12/2013
screenplay: Jonathan Musset
cast: Anthony Bertaud, S├ębastien Ned, Carole Reppel-Baele, Bruno Henry, Dominique Prie, Vivienne Vermes, Adrien Costello
cinematography by: Francis Frenkel
film editing: Jonathan Musset
costumes designer: Catherine Caldray
music: ENoz
production: Wayna Pitch
distributor: Wayna Pitch



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