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by Geoffrey Enthoven


Stef has just got himself a fantastic real-estate deal – an Art Nouveau manor for next to nothing – in the wake of an acrimonious divorce. Unluckily for him, he finds that he is not quite as alone as he had hoped to be, since a scantily clad phantom – who is none other than the previous owner of the house – comes to haunt his day-to-day existence…

international title: Halfway
original title: Halfweg
country: Belgium
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Geoffrey Enthoven
release date: BE 26/02/2014
screenplay: Pierre De Clercq
cast: Koen De Graeve, Jurgen Delnaet
producer: Mariano Vanhoof
production: Fobic Films
distributor: Kinepolis Film Distribution

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