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by Pierre Maraval


Marianao, a neighborhood in Havana, Cuba. Dayana, a young woman fresh out of prison, wants to clear up the mystery surrounding the death of her brother, Pitchi. The young man’s inert body was found lying beside a road. The police conclude his death was an accident, but Dayana receives an anonymous phone call that reveals how wrong the police is.

international title: BLACK
original title: BLACK
country: France, Switzerland
year: 2002
genre: fiction
directed by: Pierre Maraval
film run: 81'
release date: FR 05.03.03
screenplay: Pierre Maraval, Diunaibis Ramirez
cast: Barbara Blanco, Septimo Jimenez, Hiran Zuaznabar, Alberto Yanes, Arletty Valdez, Enrique Almirante, Leo Fuentes
cinematography by: Ernesto Gil
film editing: Yves Deschamps
art director: Diunaibis Ramirez, Pierre Maraval
costumes designer: Diunaibis Ramirez
music: Roberto Fonseca
producer: Gilles-Emmanuel Truta
production: Boomerang Productions, Matsh Films
distributor: Boomerang Productions

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