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by Eduardo Rossoff


A mother and young daughter are coerced into joining her ex-husband on a stolen yacht bound for the west coast of Africa. Five days into the journey a raging storm engulfs them, forcing the family to abandon the yacht. Trapped in a tiny life raft with little food or water they find themselves pitted not only against the elements but also against each other. Based on a true story.

international title: Let me survive
original title: Let me survive
country: Belgium, France, Luxembourg
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Eduardo Rossoff
film run: 98'
screenplay: Eduardo Rossoff, Rafa Russo, Greg Latter
cast: Craig Fairbrass, Kierston Wareing, Isabella Blake-Thomas, Nilton Martins
cinematography by: Guy Maezelle
film editing: Mélanie Le Clech
producer: Jimmy de Brabant, Jean-Luc Van Damme
production: Banana Films

main awards/selection

International Film Festival of India 2013 
BIFFF Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2014 

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