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by Robert Sedláček


The continuing story of Bohumil Stejskal, a multimillionaire by the will of God, from the first part of The Inheritance. His beloved Vlastička has died and his companions in his strange life have gotten a bit older. Bohumil has also gotten a bit older. He has some new property, worries, kilograms and children. But he has lost the woman of his life. He hasn’t touched a drink in seven years. Now Bohumil is alone again. And sad. He takes his first drink. He falls madly in love with an actress, he almost becomes a film producer and chateau owner. He finds peace, however, and ultimately finds himself as well in the quiet contemplation of an alcoholism treatment centre.

international title: The Inheritance II
original title: Dedictví aneb Kurvaseneríká
country: Czech Republic
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Robert Sedláček
film run: 106'
release date: CZ 06/02/2014
screenplay: Boleslav Polívka
cast: Boleslav Polívka, Arnošt Goldflam, Miroslav Donutil, Dagmar Veškrnová, Ivana Chýlková, Jiří Pecha, Anna Polívková
cinematography by: Michal Krejčí
film editing: Matouš Outrata
producer: Jirí Jezek
production: Space Films
distributor: Falcon

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