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by Cristina Iacob


The adventures of three high-school graduates who decide to go to the seaside instead of revising for their final exams. Things become even more interesting when they meet three guys willing to offer them a few days to remember.

international title: Selfie
original title: Selfie
country: Romania
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Cristina Iacob
release date: RO 09/05/2014
screenplay: Cristina Iacob, Maria Spirache, Alexandru Molico
cast: Velea Alex, Alex Calin, Florin Calinescu, Catalin Catoiu, Dan Chisu, Alina Chivulescu
cinematography by: Viorel Sergovici
film editing: Ovidiu Vacaru
art director: Andreea Hillerin
costumes designer: Adina Bucur
producer: Cristina Dobritoiu, Misu Predescu
production: MediaPro Pictures, Zazu Films

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