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by Dorothée Sebbagh


Ariane, a young French violinist, accepts Christen's passionate marriage proposal. Christen is an irresistible conductor. There's one little hitch: Ariane is already just a little bit... married to Nino, an Italian teacher, with a fiery temperament. They've been separated for two years. She manages to convince him to come to Paris so they can divorce in exactly 8 days. But their journey together in the city of love turns out to be eventful than expected.

international title: Divorce à la française
original title: L'Ex de ma vie
country: France
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Dorothée Sebbagh
release date: FR 25/06/2014, HU 18/12/2014
screenplay: Fanny Chesnel, Dorothée Sebbagh
cast: Géraldine Nakache, Kim Rossi Stuart, Pascal Demolon, Sophie Cattani, Catherine Jacob
cinematography by: Gilles Porte
production: Les films du 24
distributor: UGC Distribution, Vertigo Media

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