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by Pascal Rabaté


Summer arrives in Montauban, with its vacations, its barbecues... and the "Summer Triathlon," a popular, televised competition. Christian, a divorced businessman trading in smalltime schemes, has only one joy in his life: his twelve-year-old daughter. Out of love for her and to make up for all his petty lies and tall tales, he accepts to participate in this great sports event. The day he meets Christine, a single, pregnant mother, everything seems to coincide for Christian to set out in a new direction...

international title: Patchwork Family
original title: Du goudron et des plumes
country: France, Germany
sales agent: Films Boutique
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Pascal Rabaté
film run: 91'
release date: FR 09/07/2014
screenplay: Pascal Rabaté, Antoine Pinson
cast: Sami Bouajila, Isabelle Carré, Daniel Prévost, Zinedine Soualem, Talina Boyaci, Laura Genovino, Stéphanie Pillonca
cinematography by: Benoît Chamaillard
film editing: Jean-François Elie
art director: Angelo Zamparutti
costumes designer: Virginie Alba
music: Alain Pewzner
producer: Xavier Delmas
production: Loin Derrière L'Oural, Belle Epoque Films
distributor: Ad Vitam


main awards/selection

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2014

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