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by Sonja Prosenc


One story, three angles. In three chapters the debuting director gradually pieces together her narrative, revealing the tragic situation in which a family of three finds itself as the result of an accident. The nonlinear thread of the drama cleverly keeps the viewer in a state of tension, heightened by shots that are almost claustrophobic.

international title: The Tree
original title: Drevo
country: Slovenia
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Sonja Prosenc
film run: 90'
screenplay: Sonja Prosenc, Mitja Ličen
cast: Katarina Stegnar, Jernej Kogovšek, Lukas Matija Rosas Uršič
cinematography by: Mitja Ličen
film editing: Miloš Kalusek
art director: Vasja Kokelj
costumes designer: Emil Cerar
producer: Sandra Ržen, Sonja Prosenc, Rok Sećen
production: Monoo, Nuframe, Staragara Productions, RTV Slovenija
backing: Slovenian Film Centre

main awards/selection

Karlovy Vary Film Festival 2014
Arras Film Festival 2015

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