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by Baldvin Zophoníasson


Life in a fishbowl portrays three intertwined stories that take place in Reykjavik in 2006.

Móri is a poet and a drunkard, battling with his past and searching for forgiveness for the unforgiveable.

Eik, who is a young mother and nursery school teacher, moonlights as a hooker in order to support herself and her daughter. She has to struggle to make ends meet because she is utterly estranged from her extremely well-to-do family.

Sölvi is a famous former footballer who is making his way up the corporate ladder. Gradually, he becomes entangled in a world of corruption and moral complacency and bit by bit he starts to lead a double life. 

international title: Life in a Fishbowl
original title: Vonarstræti
country: Iceland, Finland, Czech Republic, Sweden
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Baldvin Zophoníasson
release date: IS 10/08/2014, HU 27/08/2015
screenplay: Birgir Örn Steinarsson, Baldvin Zophoníasson
cast: Hera Hilmar, Þorsteinn Bachmann, Thor Kristjansson, Sveinn Ólafur, Gunnarsson Laufey, Elíasdóttir Kristín, Lea Sigríðardóttir
cinematography by: Jóhann Máni Jóhannsson
film editing: Sigurbjörg Jónsdóttir
art director: Gunnar Pálsson
costumes designer: Margrét Einarsdóttir
producer: Júlíus Kemp, Ingvar Thórdarson
co-producer: Birna Paulina Einarsdottir
production: Icelandic Film Company, Solar Films Inc. Oy, Axman Production, Harmonica Films AB
distributor: Vertigo Media


main awards/selection

Brussels Film Festival 2015 

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