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by Corneliu Gheorghita


Leduc, a French real estate developer, prepares an old Romanian thermal resort for renovation. A Roman fresco in a crypt delays the project, so he tries to burn it down. But he locks himself in a courtyard by mistake. He stays trapped for days, the neighborhood being deserted. He tries communicating with the few remaining residents and changes from a civilized being to a beast. Will he ever leave the courtyard?

international title: The Crypt
original title: Cripta
country: Romania, France
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Corneliu Gheorghita
film run: 82'
release date: RO 12/09/2014, FR 27/04/2016
screenplay: Jean Samouillan
cast: Serge Riaboukine, Camelia Pintilie, Tache Florescu
cinematography by: Sorin Dragoi
film editing: Nathalie Mougenot
producer: Alexandru Iclozan
distributor: Bodega Films



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