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by Bruno Deville


Chubby, that’s how people call Kevin, 200 pounds, age 12, and certainly not destined to a glorious future. Gobbing in fries, patisserie, and dairies, he’s only waiting for the cardiac arrest. Unless he changes. And Kevin will change! But not exactly like imagined.

international title: Chubby
original title: Bouboule
country: Switzerland, Belgium
sales agent: Films Distribution
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Bruno Deville
film run: 83'
screenplay: Bruno Deville, Antoine Jaccoud, Stéphane Malandrin, Léo Maillard
cast: Swann Arlaud, Julie Ferrier, David Thielemans, François Hadji-Lazaro, Lisa Harder, Amélie Peterli, Thémis Pauwels, Dodi Mbemba
cinematography by: Jean-François Hensgens
film editing: Valentin Rotelli
art director: Françoise Joset
costumes designer: Elise Ancion
producer: Gérard Ruey, Jean-Louis Porchet, Jacques-Henri Bronckart, Olivier Bronckart
production: CAB Productions, Versus Production, RTS - Radio Télévision Suisse, RTBF - Radio Télévision Belge de la Communauté Française
distributor: Filmcoopi Zürich AG, O'Brother Distribution, ARP Sélection

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