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by Cheyenne Carron


Akim, a young Muslim destined to become an imam, goes through an identity crisis when he is touched by the love of Christ... In a chaotic family situation which pits him against his brother, Akim will strive to make his relatives accept him.

international title: The Apostle
original title: L'Apôtre
country: France
sales agent: TVCO
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Cheyenne Carron
release date: FR 01/10/2014
cast: Faycal Safi, Brahim Tekfa, Sarah Zaher, Salah Sassi, Norah Krief, Yannick Guérin
cinematography by: Prune Brenguier
film editing: Bertrand Puig-Marty
art director: Bénédicte Walravens
costumes designer: Marina Massocco, Éléonore Jego

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