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by Maria Blom


Once there was Disa and Laban and their two kids. But now Disa's husband has found a new love, new clothes and a completely new future, while Disa is stuck in a life that is put on hold. But suddenly life takes a different turn.

international title: HelloHello
original title: Hallå hallå
country: Sweden
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Maria Blom
film run: 98'
release date: SE 07/02/2014, DE 19/11/2015
cast: Maria Sid, Johan Holmberg, Ann Petrén, Calle Jacobsson, Gunilla Nyroos, Tomas Laustiola, Tina Råborg
cinematography by: Ari Willey
film editing: Kristin Grundström
producer: Daniel Wallentin
production: Memfis Film & TV, Film i Väst, Sveriges Television AB - SVT, Film i Dalarna
backing: Swedish Film Institute
distributor: Svensk Filmindustri AB, Kool Filmdistribution


main awards/selection

Göteborg International Film Festival 2014
Hamburg Film Festival 2014

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