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by Jiří Mádl


The main character of the story is a ten-year-old boy named Thomas, who is the narrator, cameraman and director of his film! He receives a video camera for his birthday and decides to shoot a movie just like Miloš Forman. Therefore, he becomes the narrator, cameraman and director of a deeply human story, thanks to which we get to know his family, mommy, daddy, grandma, school, friends…

international title: To See the Sea
original title: Pojedeme k mori
country: Czech Republic
sales agent: Arrow International Inc.
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Jiří Mádl
film run: 91'
release date: CZ 10/04/2014, SK 10/04/2014
screenplay: Jiří Mádl
cast: Petr Simcák, Zdenek Barinka, Anastázie Chocholatá, Lukás Hrabák, Michaela Majerníková, Jan Marsál, Jaroslava Pokorná
cinematography by: Edita Kainrathová
film editing: Jakub Vansa
art director: Jana Nosková
costumes designer: Katerina Konecná, Lucie Ulíková
music: René Rypar
producer: Milos Smídmajer
production: Bio Illusion, Czech Television
distributor: Falcon, Continental Film

main awards/selection

Febio Film Festival 2014
Pilsen Film Festival 2014
Zurich Film Festival 2014

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