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by Pere Vilà i Barceló


Josep is an old man who lives in a nursing home taking care of Laura, a woman suffering from Alzheimer's disease who was part of his past. As a result of the Laura's death, Josep begins a journey that will bring him to the mountains where the Spanish Civil War took place. This is the place where he wants to die. Meanwhile, a group of voluntary people have started searching for Josep. A young boy of this group will be forced to join Joseph in his way to the end.

original title: La fossa (La Fosa)
country: Spain
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Pere Vilà i Barceló
screenplay: Laura Merino, Pere Vilà i Barceló
cast: Josep Maria Domènech, Josefina Espinosa, Lluís Homar, Àlex Monner, Emma Vilarasau
cinematography by: José Luis Bernal
film editing: David Perez, Pere Vilà i Barceló
production: Manium Produccions, DDM Visual

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