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by Matthieu Delaporte


Sébastien Nicolas has always dreamed of being someone else. But he never had the imagination. So he copies. He observes, then imitates the people he encounters. He moves through their lives. But some journeys have no return ticket.

international title: Nobody from Nowhere
original title: Un illustre inconnu
country: France
sales agent: Pathé International
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Matthieu Delaporte
release date: FR 19/11/2014, BE 19/11/2014
screenplay: Matthieu Delaporte, Alexandre de La Patellière
cast: Mathieu Kassovitz, Marie-Josée Croze, Eric Caravaca, Siobahn Finneran, Olivier Rabourdin, Philippe Duclos, Geneviève Mnich
cinematography by: David Ungaro
film editing: Célia Lafite-Dupont
art director: Marie Cheminal
costumes designer: Anne Schotte
music: Jérôme Rebotier
producer: Dimitri Rassam, Alexandre de La Patellière
co-producer: Romain Le Grand, Frédérique Dumas, Matthieu Delaporte, Serge de Poucques, Adrian Politowski, Gilles Waterkeyn, Sylvain Golberg
production: Chapter 2, Pathé Films, Orange Studio, Fargo, Galfin, Nexus Factory
distributor: Pathé Distribution, Alternative Films



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