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by Jannik Hastrup, Flemming Quist Møller


Danish filmmaker Jannik Hastrup is a doyen of animation whose work has screened at the Berlinale for over 20 years. With cheerful music and colourful pictures he describes the adventures of a little beetle named Mini who appears in a flea circus. A convoy of pretty circus wagons makes its way through a forest full of flowers, grasses, mushrooms and berries. Bees buzz around, industrious ants are extremely busy, and a little band of musicians keeps everyone’s – or almost everyone’s – spirits up. Beetle Mini is friends with Miranda, a tiny flea artiste who performs on a unicycle. She cannot resist making a fool of Mini, but her antics wreak havoc. After a silly mishap, Mini feels afraid of his own friends and decides to run away. After falling into the hands of a gang of sinister robbers, he is taken captive by some honey bees. Subjected to an absurd trial, he narrowly escapes a death sentence only to remain captive of the petulant queen bee and her two spoilt daughters. Thankfully, Mini manages to escape. Back at the circus, everyone is over the moon at his return. But the robbers have stolen something important that the circus simply has to get back. Naturally only with Mini’s help.

international title: Mini and the Mozzies
original title: Cykelmyggen og Minibillen
country: Denmark
year: 2015
genre: animation
directed by: Jannik Hastrup, Flemming Quist Møller
film run: 76'
release date: DK 12/06/2014, FR 3/02/2016
screenplay: Flemming Quist Møller
producer: Marie Bro
production: Dansk Tegnefilm
distributor: Les Films du Préau


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Berlinale 2015Generation Kplus

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