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by Paolo Cevoli


The film is set in 1917 and tells the story of a primary school teacher from, who because of his libertine and anti-war behavior is forced by his principal to enlist volunteer in the Great War, not to lose his job. He is destined to a small outpost as heliographic operator. The encounter with the enemy and with a cast of characters from every part of Italy, often unable to communicate with each other because of the dialects, ends up to profoundly change his life.

original title: Soldato Semplice
country: Italy
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Paolo Cevoli
film run: 99'
release date: IT 2/04/2015
screenplay: Paolo Cevoli
cast: Paolo Cevoli, Luca Lionello, Massimo De Lorenzo, Nicola Adobati, Antonio Orefice, Paola Lavini, Silvana Bosi, Ernesto Mahieux
cinematography by: Simone Zampagni
film editing: Simona Paggi
art director: Leonardo Scarpa
costumes designer: Silvia Nebiolo
music: Francesco Cerasi
producer: Paolo Cevoli, Roberto Gemelli
distributor: Koch Media srl



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