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by Rax Rinnekangas


During 1980’s, Theo and Vincent, two Finnish architects, were involved in a big change of environmental identities - escalating to one coastal area where they replaced 320 wooden houses with 32 concrete towers. 10 years later, it’s 1993 and they meet in a castle in the former East-Germany. Their discussion escalates into a conflict over their projects and ethics of architecture. Finally, Theo begins to design a Dream House, not only for himself, but also for a woman he met once, 50 years ago in his childhood.

international title: Theo's House
original title: Theon talo
country: Finland
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Rax Rinnekangas
film run: 108'
release date: FI 06/02/2015
screenplay: Rax Rinnekangas
cast: Milka Ahlroth, Hannu-Pekka Björkman, Boris Konezcny
cinematography by: Pekka Uotila
film editing: Jari Innanen
music: Pascal Gaigne
producer: Tiina Butter
production: Butterworks, Bad Taste LtD.
distributor: Pirkanmaan elokuvakeskus



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