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by Miguel Llansó


After making several striking short films, Ethiopia-based Spaniard Miguel Llansó has now realised his first feature film, Crumbs. The first ever Ethiopian post-apocalyptic, surreal, sci-fi feature length film. The story is set against the background of spectacular Ethiopian landscapes, where our diminutive superhero Gagano - on the one hand gripped by daydreams and on the other by constant fears - has had enough of collecting the valuable crumbs of decayed civilisation. When a spaceship starts showing signs of activity, Gagano has to overcome his fears to find out that things aren’t quite the way he thought.

international title: Crumbs
original title: Crumbs
country: Spain, Finland, Ethiopia
sales agent: New Europe Film Sales
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Miguel Llansó
film run: 68'
screenplay: Miguel Llansó
cast: Daniel Tadesse, Selam Tesfayie
cinematography by: Israel Seoane
film editing: Velasco Broca
producer: Miguel Llansó
production: Lanzadera Films, BiraBiro Films (ET)
distributor: El Sur Films


main awards/selection

Los Angeles Film Festival 2015 
Rotterdam International Film Festival 2015 
Brussels Film Festival 2015 

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