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by Jean-Pierre Améris


Forty-year-old Paul-André is a timid, rather introverted man. Rich but alone, he is deeply bored and ends up concluding that what he needs is a family. Violette, a forty-year-old full of energy, is threatened with eviction and is afraid she'll lose custody of her two children. Paul-André then proposes a totally above the board contract to rent the family in exchange for him paying off Violette's debts. For better and for worse...

international title: Family for Rent
original title: Une famille à louer
country: France
sales agent: StudioCanal
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Jean-Pierre Améris
release date: FR 19/08/2015, BE 19/08/2015, DE 31/03/2016
screenplay: Murielle Magellan, Jean-Pierre Améris
cast: Benoît Poelvoorde, Virginie Efira, François Morel, Philippe Rebbot, Edith Scob, Nancy Tate
cinematography by: Virginie Saint-Martin
art director: Franck Schwarz
costumes designer: Nathalie du Roscoat
producer: Philippe Godeau, Nathalie Gastaldo Godeau
production: Pan Européenne Production
distributor: StudioCanal, O'Brother Distribution, StudioCanal Germany



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