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by Janez Burger


The newest tycoon Robert wants to gets his hands on the land where the driving school stands and build a modern shopping center in it's place instead. It is during this acquisition that lands him in an altercation with Instructor Jože, whose wife left him and Roberts daughter Lija. Lija is determined to go to driving school in spite of his father's prohibition. Besides the tense that portray the ruthlessness of our world, the story offers a range of warm and interesting human relationships seen as part of our everyday lives.

international title: Silent Sonata
original title: Avtošola
country: Slovenia
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Janez Burger
release date: SI 26/02/2015
screenplay: Janez Burger
cast: Maruša Majer, Gregor Čušin, Vesna Pernarčič, Ivo Ban, Matjaz Tribuson, Vlado Novak, Vladimir Vlaškalič, Gregor Zorc, Luka Cimprič
cinematography by: Jure Černec
film editing: Miloš Kalusek
art director: Vasja Kokalj
costumes designer: Jerneja Jambrel
music: Drago Ivanuša
producer: Janez Pirc
production: RTV Slovenija



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