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by Tamara Drakulić


Director of the film and a female protagonist departs on a cargo ship with her close friend Mate to Hawaii to scatter the ashes of her friend Toni in the Pacific Ocean. By using mostly static frames, this intuitive film represents a unique personal journey, during which off-screen comments reflect on the topics of communication, death, intimacy and friendship. This results in a light, contemplative diary, which drifts over churning waves through the time that goes by slowly.

international title: Ocean
original title: Okean
country: Serbia
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Tamara Drakulić
film run: 70'
screenplay: Tamara Drakulić
cast: Tamara Drakulić, Mate Ugrin
cinematography by: Tamara Drakulić, Mate Ugrin
film editing: Tamara Drakulić, Nikola Dragovic, Milan Jakonic
production: Monkey Production


main awards/selection

Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival 2014 
Torino Film Festival 2014 
Belgrade Film Festival 2015 
Cinema City Film Festival Novi Sad 2015 

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