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by Federico Micali


This is the story of three friends, their intertwined destinies, in a series of adventures spanning three decades - from the fabulous sixty to consumistic eighties - and who embody the dreams, the mistakes, illusions and defeats of a generation.

original title: L'universale
country: Italy
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Federico Micali
film run: 87'
screenplay: Federico Micali, Cosimo Calamini, Heidrun Schleef
cast: Francesco Turbanti, Robin Mugnaini, Matilda Lutz, Luca Guastini, Paolo Hendel, Maurizio Lombardi, Margherita Vicario, Vauro Senesi, Claudio Bigagli, Anna Meacci, Pietro Angelini
cinematography by: David Becheri
film editing: Simone Manetti, Ilenia Zincone
art director: Francesco Bacci, Daria Pastina
music: Bandabardò
producer: Francesco Tatò
production: L'occhio e la luna



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