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by Oskari Sipola


Selja is in her thirties and lives in a shared flat with her friends. One day a boy appears at her door; a boy she gave up for adoption sixteen years earlier. Selja has a chance to get to know her son, but at the same time, makes a complete mess of her and her best friends' lives. Urban Family is a new kind of music film set in the modern-day world.

international title: Urban Family
original title: Ollaan vapaita
country: Finland
sales agent: Summerside International
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Oskari Sipola
release date: FI 7/08/2015
screenplay: Tua Harno
cast: Maria Ylipää, Johannes Brotherus, Riku Nieminen, Pihla Maalismaa, Anu Sinisalo, Peter Kanerva
cinematography by: Joonas Pulkkanen
film editing: Antti Reikko
music: Markus Koskinen
producer: Elina Pohjola
production: Pohjola-filmi
backing: Finnish Film Foundation
distributor: Nordisk Film AB



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