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by Antoinette Beumer


Simone (34) needs a change. Together with her husband Eric and their two children, she buys a decrepit mansion in the south of France, to turn it into a home and B&B. While the chaos of the renovation grows, Simone flees into a thrilling affair with one of the French construction workers, the gorgeous twenty-year-old Michel. Slowly she loses control of her life and the French dream turns into her worst nightmare.

international title: Rendez-Vous
original title: Rendez-Vous
country: Netherlands
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Antoinette Beumer
film run: 100'
release date: NL 4/06/2015
screenplay: Marjolein Beumer, Dorien Goertzen
cast: Pierre Boulanger, Mark van Eeuwen, Peter Paul Muller, Loes Haverkort, Jennifer Hoffman, Tamar Baruch
cinematography by: Jeroen de Bruin
film editing: Marc Bechtold
costumes designer: Manon Blom
music: Merlijn Snitker
production: Millstreet Films, FBO
distributor: Independent Films Nederland



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