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by Diego Sabanés


Based on short stories by Julio Cortazar, this is the story of an Argentine family entangled in a web of lies, all of which relate to the made up adventures of a lost son who sends gifts from Paris. What begins as a liberating game becomes a trap from which none in the family can escape.

original title: Mentiras Piadosas
country: Spain, Argentina
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Diego Sabanés
film run: 100'
release date: AR 20/08/2009
screenplay: Diego Sabanés
cast: Marilu Marini, Walter Quiróz, Claudio Tolcachir, Paula Ransenberg, Verónica Pelaccini
cinematography by: Julián Elizalde
film editing: Alberto Ponce
costumes designer: Marta Albertinazzi
music: Rudy Gnutti
producer: Joseba Castaños Izquierdo
production: Ancora Música, Habitacion 1520 Producciones, Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales (INCAA), San Luis Cine
distributor: Habitacion 1520 Producciones


main awards/selection

San Luis Cine International Festival 2008 
Titanic International Filmpresence Festival 2009 

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