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by Salvador del Solar


Magallanes recognises a woman getting into a taxi. It's Celina, the young peasant girl he randomly arrested more than twenty years ago, when he was a soldier. They both have unfinished business. And for Magallanes, this is an opportunity to redeem himself.

original title: Magallanes
country: Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Spain
sales agent: Meikincine Entertainment (AR)
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Salvador del Solar
film run: 105'
screenplay: Salvador del Solar
cast: Damián Alcázar, Magaly Solier, Federico Luppi, Christian Meier, Bruno Odar
cinematography by: Diego Jiménez
film editing: Edison Rincón
music: Federico Jusid
producer: Andrés Longares, Felicitas Raffo, Miguel Valladares
production: Nephilim Producciones, Péndulo Films, Tondero, CEPA Audiovisual, Cinerama, Proyectil Films
distributor: Vercine


main awards/selection

San Sebastián International Film Festival 2014 Cine en Construcción Prize
San Sebastián International Film Festival 2015 Horizontes Latinos

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