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by Maciej Sobieszczanski, Łukasz Ronduda


Performer is a special project, being both an exhibition by the artist Oskar Dawicki and a story about him as a fictional character that combines different disciplines – art, film and literature. The title’s performer, Dawicki’s alter ego, appears here in a variety of incarnations – including in the company of his friends from the art world and alongside works from the Grażyna Kulczyk Collection – as he continually explores the boundaries between the work of art and reality.

original title: The Performer
country: Poland
sales agent: Wajda Studio
year: 2015
genre: experimental
directed by: Maciej Sobieszczanski, Łukasz Ronduda
film run: 63'
screenplay: Maciej Sobieszczanski, Łukasz Ronduda
cast: Oskar Dawicki, Agata Buzek, Andrzej Chyra, Zbigniew Warpechowski
cinematography by: Lukasz Gutt
film editing: Rafal Listopad, Mateusz Romaszkan
costumes designer: Marta Ostrowicz
producer: Kuba Kosma, Wojciech Marczewski
production: Wajda Studio, Kosma Films, Telewizja Polska (TVP) - Agencja Filmowa, Art Stations Foundation, Artcore, Heliograf


main awards/selection

44° International Film Festival Rotterdam 2015Signals: Really? Really
Berlinale 2015Think:Film Award
T-Mobile New Horizons IFF 2015In Competition

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