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by Kenton Hall


Are you 12 years old? Have you ever been 12 years old? Are you planning to be 12 years old at some point in the future? If so, then this is the film for you. “A Dozen Summers” is a comedy about what it’s really like to grow up in the 21st century. Get ready to enter the world of Maisie and Daisy McCormack, twin sisters who have just hijacked a children’s film in order to tell their own story. Or possibly one about a ghost girl who eats teachers. They haven’t decided yet.

international title: A Dozen Summers
original title: A Dozen Summers
country: United Kingdom
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Kenton Hall
release date: GB 21/08/2015
screenplay: Kenton Hall
cast: Scarlet Hall, Hero Hall, Kenton Hall
cinematography by: Geoffrey Gilson, Kenton Hall
film editing: Geoffrey Gilson
art director: Gurdeep Sian
music: Kenton Hall
producer: Kenton Hall, Alexzandra Jackson
production: Monkey Basket Films, Hathi Productions, Poppy Jack Productions
distributor: Ballpark Film Distributors



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