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by Emmanuel Finkiel


After he is violently attacked in the street, Eddie wrongly identifies Ahmed, an ideal suspect whom he'd noticed a few days before the attack. While the legal machine gets underway with Ahmed, Eddie attempts to win back his wife and son through a new job. But Eddie soon becomes aware of the seriousness of his accusation and he'll do anything to establish the truth - even if it means he risks losing everything.

international title: A Decent Man
original title: Je ne suis pas un salaud
country: France
sales agent: Bac Films
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Emmanuel Finkiel
film run: 111'
release date: FR 24/02/2016
screenplay: Emmanuel Finkiel
cast: Nicolas Duvauchelle, Mélanie Thierry, Driss Ramdi, Maryne Cayon, Nicolas Bridet
cinematography by: Alexis Kavyrchine
costumes designer: Agnès Noden
producer: Christine Gozlan, David Poirot
production: Thelma Films
backing: CNC
distributor: Bac Films


main awards/selection

Les Arcs International Film Festival 2015

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