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by Marcin Bortkiewicz


A young journalist interviews an opera star. As the night unfolds - a night full of events ranging from the comic and farcical to the tragic, a night of violence and tenderness -- they learn something a certain truth about themselves. What they discover completely changes the values they hold dear.

international title: Walpurgis Night
original title: Noc Walpurgii
country: Poland
sales agent: Film Republic
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Marcin Bortkiewicz
film run: 75'
screenplay: Marcin Bortkiewicz, Magdalena Gauer
cast: Malgorzata Zajaczkowska, Philippe Tłokiński, Monika Mariotti, Mieczysław Gajda
cinematography by: Andrzej Wojciechowski
film editing: Piotr Mendelowski
art director: Katarzyna Sobanska-Strzalkowska, Marcel Slawinski
costumes designer: Emilia Czartoryska
music: Marek Czerniewicz
producer: Sebastian Petryk
production: PS Film
backing: Polish Film Institute
distributor: Aurora Films


main awards/selection

Gdynia Polish Film Festival 2015 

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