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by Max Gogarty, William Fairman


A shorthand term made popular by gay men in recent years for the use of drugs (specifically crystal meth, GHB and mephedrone) in a sexual context, ‘chemsex’ has been seen by some as a significant contributing factor in the rise of HIV diagnoses in London... In this unflinching documentary, we meet a host of men whose lives have been affected, from self-confessed ‘slammers’ to sexual health workers, each of whom talk candidly about the pleasures and perils associated with the scene.

original title: Chemsex
country: United Kingdom
sales agent: VICE
year: 2015
genre: documentary
directed by: Max Gogarty, William Fairman
film run: 83'
cinematography by: William Fairman
music: Daniel Harle
producer: Max Gogarty, William Fairman
production: VICE


main awards/selection

London Film Festival 2015 

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