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by Daniel Pfander


A bitter elderly count resides in an old, decrepit manor house near Berlin. His only son is coming to visit with his new girlfriend and her daughter from a former relationship. The count promises his handsome young male employee the manor house if he kills his son during the visit. The count’s son steals some drugs from a biker gang and they send a hitman after him. In the sultry summer countryside, people are bored, people are nasty and something really bad is going to happen.

international title: A perception
original title: A perception
country: Austria
sales agent: Daniel Pfander Filmproduktion
year: 2015
genre: experimental
directed by: Daniel Pfander
film run: 74'
release date: AT 14/05/2015, DE 15/06/2015
screenplay: Daniel Pfander
cast: Hermes Phettberg, Rainer Meifert, Hanni Bergesch, Henning Gronkowski
cinematography by: Franco Bubani, Andrés Rodríguez Navarro
film editing: Ben Jones
music: Hans Hafner
producer: Daniel Pfander
production: Daniel Pfander Filmproduktion
distributor: Daniel Pfander Filmproduktion


main awards/selection

Vienna International Film Festival 2015

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