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by Jordan Goldnadel


Florent, 23, is an upper class Parisian who dreams of going back to America, where he attended college. One summer he meets Alessia, an American girl, lost in the streets of Paris. Together and with random encounters while on a journey from Paris to Normandy, they explore their passions, which draws them closer as well as bring up their clashing differences. As they face a crucial crossroad in their lives, they will uncover new sides of themselves, struggling to determine who they are personally, professionally and sexually while trying to break free from their upbringings.

international title: Happy
original title: Happy
country: France
sales agent: Wide Management
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Jordan Goldnadel
screenplay: Jordan Goldnadel
cast: Vladimir Perrin, Jordan Goldnadel, Marc de Panda, Léa Moszkowicz, Arthur Jalta, Marcel Aloro, Charlotte Vercoustre
cinematography by: Jean Sotelo
film editing: Marsha Bramwell
producer: Jordan Goldnadel
production: The Third Generation



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