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by Franck Gastambide


Franky and Krimo dream of leaving the grey grime of their neighborhood behind and of traveling to the famous and diabolical Thai beach resort of Pattaya. To get there cheaply, the two friends have the crazy idea of registering, unbeknownst to him, the local little person for the Thai Dwarf Boxing World Championship. But what was supposed to be a dream vacation will transform into the most insane and dangerous adventure of their lives.

international title: Pattaya
original title: Pattaya
country: France
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Franck Gastambide
release date: 24/02/2016
screenplay: Franck Gastambide, Stéphane Kazandjian
cast: Franck Gastambide, Malik Bentalha, Ramzy Bedia, Gad Elmaleh, Sabrina Ouazani
cinematography by: Renaud Chassaing
costumes designer: Emmanuelle Youchnovski
producer: Eric Altmayer, Nicolas Altmayer
production: Mandarin Production (ex Mandarin Cinéma)
distributor: Gaumont Distribution



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