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by Christophe Karabache


Lamia, a naive, twenty-year-old, lives with her husband, a strange coach, and her husband's mother, who feels totally helpless. The daily life of all three is unusual and out of sync, in Lebanon, shaken by ongoing terror.

international title: Lamia
original title: Lamia
country: Lebanon, France
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Christophe Karabache
film run: 103'
release date: FR 21/10/2015
screenplay: Christophe Karabache
cast: Christophe Karabache, Pascale Habib, Joelle Hélary, Edward Kallajeh, Elhame Abou Raad
cinematography by: Harris Thiery Maisari
film editing: Manu Bodin
art director: Michel Jabbour
costumes designer: Cynthia Sacr
producer: Elias Sfeir
production: VisioSfeir
distributor: VisioSfeir

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