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by Pablo Moreno


August 1936, the beginning of the Spanish Civil War. 51 members of the Claretian community of Barbastro (Huesca) are martyred, die for their faith. The film recounts the last weeks of his life, since they are held until they are finally shot. During that time, they perform various writings they talk about their situation, of his fellow captives, people who saw them. These writings have been the basic testimony used to narrate this real fact in film version.

original title: Un Dios prohibido
country: Spain
sales agent: TVCO
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Pablo Moreno
film run: 133'
release date: IT 21/05/2013, Es 14/06/2013, US 10/04/2014, PL 06/11/2015
screenplay: Juanjo Díaz Polo
cast: Iñigo Etayo, Jerónimo Salas, Álex Larumbe, Eneko Capapay, Jesús Gúzman, Elena Furiase, Juanjo Díaz Polo, Sergio Cardoso, Rubén D. Ortega, María Esparcia, António Moreno, Pablo Moreno
cinematography by: Rubén D. Ortega
film editing: María Esparcia
costumes designer: Patricia Azpeleta
music: Sergio Cardoso
production: A Contracorriente Films
distributor: Proyecfilm



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