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by Elisabetta Sgarbi


Ana, Elena and Micaela: three Romanian women who have been living and working as caregivers in Italy for a while. When the first two loves their jobs, they begin a voyage through the Marche and Polesine in search of work. Solidarity, friendship, shared memories and hybridized traditions in communities immersed in Italy, Emilian farmers, Eastern Orthodoxy in Fabriano, Romanian workers. Memories of communism and women’s empathy in Elisabetta Sgarbi’s third feature film, a cross between documentary and fiction.

original title: Colpa di Comunismo
country: Italy
year: 2015
genre: documentary
directed by: Elisabetta Sgarbi
film run: 86'
screenplay: Eugenio Lio, Elisabetta Sgarbi
cast: Ana Turbatu, Elena Goran, Micaela Istrate, Marianna Satmari, Giovanni Satmari, Alin Satmari, Associazione badanti Nadija, Gabriele Levada, Giorgio Moretti
cinematography by: Andrès Arce Maldonado, Elio Bisignani
film editing: Andrès Arce Maldonado, Elisabetta Sgarbi
art director: Luca Volpatti
music: Franco Battiato
producer: Elisabetta Sgarbi
production: Betty Wrong, RAI Cinema


main awards/selection

Torino Film Festival 2015

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