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by Friedrich Moser


After the end of the Cold War the best code-breaker the US ever had develops a digital spying tool. It can track every electronic signal on earth, filter it for targets, render results in real-time while respecting privacy. The tool is perfect except for one thing: it is way too cheap. Therefore NSA leadership kills it – 3 weeks prior to 9/11. This is the story of former Technical director of NSA, Bill Binney, and a program called ThinThread.

original title: A Good American
country: Austria, United States
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Friedrich Moser
film run: 110'
release date: US 15/11/2015
screenplay: Friedrich Moser
cast: William Binney, Thomas Drake, Edward Loomis, Jesselyn Radack, Diane Roark, Tim Shorrock, Kirk Wiebe
cinematography by: Friedrich Moser
film editing: Kirk von Heflin
music: Guy Farley, Christopher Slaski
producer: Friedrich Moser, Peter Janecek, Michael Seeber
backing: Austrian Film Institute, ORF



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