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by António-Pedro Vasconcelos


Amor Impossível is loosely based on a real story. With a double narrative arc, it tells the story of a teenage girl, Cristina, who disappears mysteriously. Her boyfriend Tiago believes she has been kidnapped – a theory that police investigators (and clandestine lovers) Madalena and Marco find hard to believe.

international title: Impossible Love
original title: Amor Impossível
working title: Morrer por Amor
country: Portugal
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: António-Pedro Vasconcelos
film run: 125'
release date: PT 24/12/2015
screenplay: Tiago Santos
cast: Victória Guerra, António-Pedro Vasconcelos, Soraia Chaves, Ricardo Pereira, Maria Leite
cinematography by: Miguel Sales Lopes
film editing: Pedro Ribeiro
producer: Tino Navarro
production: Mgn Filmes
distributor: Big Picture Films



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