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by Andrew Goth


A group of young bio-engineers discover they can use quantum physics to transfer motor-skills between human brains. Believing this to be a first step towards a new intellectual freedom, they freely distribute the technology. But as the mysterious past of one of their group is revealed, dark forces emerge that threaten to subvert this technology into a means of mass control. DxM takes the mind-bender thriller to the next level with an immersive narrative and breath-taking action.

international title: Deus Ex Machina
original title: DxM
working title: Deus Ex Machina
country: Austria
sales agent: Terra Mater Factual Studios (AT)
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Andrew Goth
release date: GB 04/10/2015
screenplay: Andrew Goth, Joanne Reay
cast: Dominique Tipper, Sam Neill, Tom Payne, Melia Kreiling, Oliver Stark, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Predrag Bjelac, Ursula Strauss, Alexandra Marinescu
cinematography by: John Pardue
film editing: Thomas Ilg
costumes designer: Max Wohlkönig
music: Ben Fowler
producer: Walter Köhler, Joanne Reay
production: Terra Mater Factual Studios



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