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by Joerg Burger


Focus on Infinity is an essayistic journey to people, machinery and locations connected to the origins of our cosmos and existence. It is a personal and intuitive exploration of the roots and boundaries of our imagination, shaped as it is by what we perceive with our senses. The changing relationship between the sciences, philosophy and religion plays a key role here.

international title: Focus on Infinity
original title: Giff nach den Sternen
country: Austria, United States
year: 2014
genre: documentary
directed by: Joerg Burger
film run: 79'
release date: AT 23/03/2014, CA 30/04/2014, US 30/07/2014, NL 19/11/2014, PL 08/05/2015
screenplay: Joerg Burger
cinematography by: Joerg Burger
film editing: Joerg Burger, Gökçe Ince
producer: Joerg Burger, Georg Misch, Ralph Wieser
production: Mischief Films
distributor: Sixpack Film


main awards/selection

Diagonale Film Festival 2014
International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 2014

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